Maui Time interviews our pharmacists Shelley Seideman & Farah Mikhail

The pharmacists at Wailea Pharmacy shed some light on compounding prescriptions, bioidentical hormones, homeopathic & naturopathic remedies. There is also some great information of the benefits of using a small, independent pharmacy.

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Top things to look for when shopping for supplements

We know our customers want to know how to choose a high quality supplement. At Wailea Pharmacy these are some of the things we look for that may be helpful when making your health care decisions.

Look for the CGMP on the label. That means the company adheres to Current Good Manufacturing Processes as regulated by The FDA.  That should be the bottom line. In fact it’s best to look for companies that exceed these standards and test for authenticity, potency and purity of both the raw material and the finished product.  Each part of the manufacturing process should be scrutinized to ensure consistency and safety.

Look for companies that adhere to Pharmaceutical industry standards even though the Natural Products Industry is not regulated to do so in some situations.

Look for independent testing of the raw materials for microbes, heavy metals, chemical solvent residue, pesticide, herbicide and fungicide residue.

Oils should be tested for rancidity and fish oils for dioxin and PCB’s

Look for expiration dates.

By the way, here are some products that have very stringent standards that we carry at the pharmacy. Stop by the store and we will be happy to consult with you. We know your health is important to you and serving you is important to us.

Here is a link to the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Processes.

Supplements under fire in New York

Recently there has been much in the media about supplements and their purity and potency especially in relation to some of the biggest chain stores in America. The attorney general of New York wrote letters to demand that certain products be removed from store shelves in New York.

I want to offer an article written by Michael Levin an expert and consultant in quality assurance and  regulatory compliance of natural products.

We hope you find it enlightening. It certainly is food for thought!

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