Dr Nasha Winters ND, L.Ac., FABNO, and Jess Higgins Kelley, MNT, have written a long awaited groundbreaking book on The Metabolic Approach to Cancer.  The core of their approach is “dedicated to the science of using therapeutic nutrients to positively impact metabolism, creating an inhospitable environment for cancer while simultaneously removing dietary and lifestyle factors that provoke it”.  You will discover the ten key elements of a persons terrain that require optimization that can successfully prevent and manage cancer. Think of your terrain as a garden, Dr Winters  has stated. “Regulating a healthy human biological terrain is similar to raising a healthy thriving garden.”

“A healthy immune system is constantly providing surveillance and destruction of the many cancer cells naturally produced by the body before they have a chance to congregate and form a tumor. Therefore, keeping our immune system healthy is the cornerstone to cancer prevention and management.”

We are thrilled to carry this extremely informative book. Research shows time and time again that cancer is not a one size fits all disease. This books individualized approach to cancer treatments hits the mark.

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