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Dr Nasha Winters ND, L.Ac., FABNO, and Jess Higgins Kelley, MNT, have written a long awaited groundbreaking book on The Metabolic Approach to Cancer.  The core of their approach is “dedicated to the science of using therapeutic nutrients to positively impact metabolism, creating an inhospitable environment for cancer while simultaneously removing dietary and lifestyle factors […]

Trilogy takes Natural Skincare into the Future

Wailea Pharmacy is thrilled to offer Trilogy  products. Trilogy is New Zealand’s #1 skincare brand utilizing natural ingredients safe for you and the environment. The Rosehip Antioxidant Oil is deeply moisturizing while helping to prevent environmental free radical damage. It is known to be Princess Kate Middleton’s favorite skin oil. The Trilogy website says they sell […]

Does it REALLY matter where you buy your supplements?

Today you can buy almost any supplement online even the professional brands that we carry at Wailea Pharmacy. So why not buy them online? After all, its easy and sometimes less costly. The simple answer is that you don’t always know what you are getting in terms of ingredient quality, product fillers, and manufacturing & […]

Essential oils have arrived! From Farm to Our Pharmacy

Wailea Pharmacy is so excited to be able to offer 100% organic essential oils by Veriditas. Essential oils come from plants and have appealing aromas.  According to the experts at Veriditas: Essential  Oils  have strong anti-microbial preperties made by the plants immune system that ward off pests, bacteria and viruses. These oils that protect the […]

New Product Real Noni is here!

We are excited to be able to offer  Organic”Real Noni”  lotions and fruit leather from Kauai in our store. The Hawaiian Noni plant has traditionally been used for healing and promoting good health.   The Icy Heat lotion is a ready-made version of NoniFruit Leather for topical relief from pain and inflammation.   The lavender lotion works great […]

Top things to look for when shopping for supplements

We know our customers want to know how to choose a high quality supplement. At Wailea Pharmacy these are some of the things we look for that may be helpful when making your health care decisions. Look for the CGMP on the label. That means the company adheres to Current Good Manufacturing Processes as regulated by The […]

Supplements under fire in New York

Recently there has been much in the media about supplements and their purity and potency especially in relation to some of the biggest chain stores in America. The attorney general of New York wrote letters to demand that certain products be removed from store shelves in New York. I want to offer an article written by […]