Essential oils have arrived! From Farm to Our Pharmacy

Wailea Pharmacy is so excited to be able to offer 100% organic essential oils by Veriditas. Essential oils come from plants and have appealing aromas.  According to the experts at Veriditas: Essential  Oils  have strong anti-microbial preperties made by the plants immune system that ward off pests, bacteria and viruses. These oils that protect the plant can be used to make us healthier too.

Believe it or not it takes a volume of 5.5 million freshly picked roses to produce one liter of organic rose essential oil. Verditas oils come from small family farms. Many oils on the market today are traded through distributers or brokers and can be adulterated to boost the oils. Just one liter of pure organic lavender can cost $300 while synthetic or adulterated oil is sold from $10 to $60 dollars.

Watch for more information on Essential Oils in upcoming blogs.